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As a teenager I struggled with extremely oily skin and constant breakouts across my face chest and back.  I tried every over the counter product but nothing took it away.  As I entered the working world the oil and acne continued and I started to try the better department store brands to try to get relief from the stress of my red and acne prone skin.  The better brands helped but I never truly found a solution that gave me the beautiful skin I had dreamed of.  Then I tried Artistry®.  I found that the products offering was wide enough to help all types of skin conditions, including mine which now included dryness from the various acne products I was using.  Artistry® carries skin care systems that are tailored to each skin condition and age, and through the years, I have found the skin I had dreamed of!  I now use a combination of the Youth Xtend® and Ideal Radiance® Systems to achieve the glowing youthful skin I had always hoped for.  In fact, my skin is better looking now at age 55 than when I was in my 20’s.  I use all Artistry® cosmetics and am particularly great at recommending foundation and color products due to my color training.  I have a passion to help others find the best skin care regimen and cosmetics because when it comes to our image, our face is the first thing people see.

I can help you put your best face forward!
Pat Gibson

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