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Events and Training

Image Training

Professional image and presence have an undeniable impact on your company and organization’s success.

Your employees and members serve as ambassadors for your business or group. Their appearance and the way they present themselves is therefore critical, as they have just seconds to create a lasting impression on every client and prospect they encounter.

Successful companies and organizations empower their employees with internal growth opportunities. Our Image Training will demonstrate how to:

  • Empower confident individuals who can represent your company/organization effectively
  • Groom employees/members to succeed in leadership roles
  • Inspire your team to convey a strong professional presence while still being approachable
  • Teach individuals how to cultivate strong professional presence to be the most effective communicators, negotiators, and managers, resulting in higher levels of productivity, profit, and retention.
  • Ensure that an individual’s talents are accurately represented by their appearance
  • Unite team member’s personal brand with the organization’s overall brand
Set the Standards Now with Image Training from the Artistry of You

Shopping & Style Events

Are you a boutique owner or event planner for a Women’s organization or company group?

Increase your sales and customer loyalty with a fun and engaging styling event with Pat. Pat will share styling tips, trends, and outfit coordination skills with participants with her fun and interactive style. The “Personal Stylist Events by Pat Gibson” are tremendously successful at attracting new and existing customers and lead to long term loyalty for you.

The event begins with a styling demonstration, by Pat Gibson, utilizing garments and accessories from your store, to create timeless and on-trend outfits, that are used to teach the styling principles that Pat will share with the audience. These outfits are always the first to fly off the racks! Customers can then enjoy shopping with Pat, getting additional fit and style advice and leave the event feeling empowered and excited to come and shop with you again.

For company or organizational groups such as Membership Drives/Meetings or Women’s’ Leadership Groups, Pat utilizes a combination of the image training and style events to meet your unique needs and drive the message that you need to relay through her presentation.

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