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Whether you are looking for a little extra professional polish, or a game-changing transformation, we’ve got the tools to help you discover your best personal style and a new level of confidence.

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We work with vibrant, busy women who want to look their best, be comfortable in their own skin, and be confident that their appearance reflects their talents and maximizes their goals. We teach you how to dress for your body shape, wear the colors that maximize your impact, build a wardrobe that streamlines getting ready each day, and shop with you, and for you, to style you for success!
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If you want to take your personal brand to the next level,
The Artistry of You is the answer!

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Our Signature Packages take the guesswork out for you. We recommend each client start with our signature Color and Personal Style Session. Knowing the colors that increase your presence and the styles that maximize your confidence are the foundation of a powerful visual brand and a wardrobe that maximizes your success.

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The Foundation

Signature Color & Personal Style Session

Infuse your wardrobe with your signature color palette and watch your confidence soar. You will learn how to select the colors, patterns and textures that make you shine for your clothing, accessories, hair color, and makeup. You will then discover your body architecture and personal style, so that every garment and accessory your own or purchase enhances your image and elevates your personal brand. See all of the details for our Signature Color Session and our Signature Style Session, which are included in this package.

You Will Receive:

  • Your personalized color wheel-a vital shopping tool for selecting the best colors and patterns for garments, jewelry, accessories, eyewear, hair, and cosmetics
  • Your 30-pg. color and style guide, a take home resource for every color and style question you may have, including your best patterns, color contrast and hairstyles as well as your mistake proof outfit formulas that flatter your figure and personal style.
  • Personal style evaluation and outfit formulas including building your ultimate core wardrobe plan
  • Skin analysis with personalized recommendations and makeup lesson in your professionally recommended colors

Package Bonus: Personal style board and shoppable catalog for your new style recommendations to update your style and sharpen your image-you can shop right from our recommendations or use this as a targeted shopping list with Pat or shopping on your own.

Investment: 3 hours – $750

*Value of $975

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If you want to ensure that your visual brand is everything it needs to be to afford you every opportunity for success, both personally and professionally, then we recommend our exclusive game-changing packages. Each package below contains the essential image pillars of color, style, wardrobe, and shopping, while the Total Transformation package additionally creates elevated executive and online presence. Stand out for all the right reasons, feel confident in your personal brand, create leadership presence, save precious time in the morning and be excited about your wardrobe again!

Style Maker

This is for the individual who is ready for a style update and/or are overwhelmed with their wardrobe. This includes not only the foundational Signature Color and Style Session, but also includes a closet makeover and personal shopping experience and exclusive access to your personal stylist, to create lasting change and impact.

Game CHanger

This package is for the individual who has an extensive wardrobe and/or is in the limelight and knows how they present themselves can be the difference between them and their competition. This program is perfect for business owners, professionals’ who interface with clients, and those who want to be perceived as true experts in their field.

Total Transformation

This program is for the professional who is looking for transformational results to catapult their success and increase leadership presence. You want to maximize our potential but lack the time, energy and expertise to focus on your professional presence. This program is designed to maximize your potential while freeing you from the stress of the daily decision of what to wear, giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on what is most important.

If you want to discuss the best package for your needs we would love to talk!

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