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The Average Woman Spends Almost One Year of Her Life Figuring Out What to Wear

Closet Makeover

Do you want to clear the clutter of your unworn clothing and walk into the closet of your dreams?

If you feel….

  • like your closet is overwhelming you?
  • You lack confidence in putting stylish outfits together?
  • Like you need a trained eye to help you decide what should go or stay?
  • Unclear on how to dress as a leader and/or speaker?
  • Like you need to update and transform your look?
  • Your wardrobe should be an asset and not a liability to your goals?
  • Like you need a simple solution to getting dressed and looking great every day?

Then My Closet Makeover Session is Your Answer!

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Let me help you feel confident in your personal brand, increase your style and presence, save you precious time, and be excited about your wardrobe again!
orderly closet

Our Closet Makeover starts with the foundation of our Signature Color and Style Sessions. These form the basis of how we curate your wardrobe and develop your signature look. We can define your signature style and colors all at your home and then we will get to work in your closet.

With our streamlined process you will have a closet full of outfits you love and a simplified way to shop and get dressed!

Step 1: The Cleanse

  • We weed out unflattering/out of style garments
  • Become aware of past shopping mistakes so they won’t be repeated

Step 2: Reorganize and Photograph

  • Your closet will be organized to simplify and create an efficient workspace for you
  • Lists are created for items needing repair/replacement
  • We photograph and upload your garments and accessories for your online closet and LookBook

Step 3: Pat works Behind the Scenes…

  • Pat creates your online closet-an easy to use app so you can know what you have and shop for what you need
  • You will receive your online LookBook, 20-30 new outfits curated by your personal stylist so you can access them right from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Pat then creates your personal shopping list- shoppable links to those missing “gems” that complete your new, on-point wardrobe.

Step 4: Open your personalized wardrobe app and pick out a newly styled outfit!

Not in the Cleveland area or prefer a Virtual Option?
Check out our Virtual Closet Sessions

Eliminate the Stress of getting dressed and stop wasting time wondering what to wear!
mature woman wearing deep red

You will receive:

  • Your 3 hr. in person wardrobe audit
  • Your own personalized wardrobe app, with the ability to store your entire wardrobe in an online closet , a LookBook section, for all of your newly styled outfits, and a “Finds” area, for your suggested shopping list, including shoppable links to all of our recommendations
  • 30 Minute Zoom video follow up 1 week after session to review your closet app and online catalog recommendations to update & invigorate your style

Investment: 3 hours – $450

plus 30-minute Zoom follow up video call
* Seasonal wardrobe updates available in our packages and for existing clients

Our Signature Packages take the guesswork out for you. Start with the foundational package:
Our signature Color and Style Session, and we will guide you from there.

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Pat Gibson changed my life.

When I was venturing out in to the business world she helped me define my signature look. I wanted to improve my professional appearance and with Pat’s help and a color and style consultation, I was able to enter the business world with more confidence and self-assurance than I would have otherwise felt. We eventually performed a closet audit and the results were amazing, I got rid of stuff I would never have worn again and put together outfits that I did not know I had. The best part is the organization, my clothes are in order, an order that I have been able to maintain for 3 years and a move to a new home. I highly recommend Pat’s services for all your image needs.

Katheryn W.
CEO First Impression, Inc.


No matter how you feel about your wardrobe right now, I can help. Why wait to lose that 10, more pounds, or until you get less busy, or organize your closet? You deserve to feel and look your best NOW, and after our Closet Makeover Session you will save time and be excited about the new styles we create and the new woman in the mirror. You will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!

Our Signature packages take the guesswork out for you.
See the Closet Makeover options in our Signature Packages.

*Our Closet Makeover is available to all clients who have purchased our Signature Style and Color Sessions, either in person or virtually.
We can style you the best when we know and understand who you are, the message you want to send, and the colors that make you shine.

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