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Color Analysis

Color Analysis

Knowing your best colors is 50% of your style equation and personal brand.

Ann Reinten | CEO Image Innovators | Global Image Training Company

Discover the colors, patterns, and textures that make you look stylish, vibrant, and polished!

The visual impact of color on a person is immediate and lasting. A color consultation can open up a world of new opportunities for you through a simple yet enlightening 2 hours. Recognizing your ideal colors will ensure that you always look renewed, energized, and in sync with your personality and message.

Want to have more options and fun in your wardrobe?
Knowing your color palette allows you to:

  • Confidently make clothing, accessory, hair color and makeup decisions.
  • Make you look younger, sharper, polished and more professional.
  • Make mixing and matching new outfits much easier.
  • Increase your self confidence and empower your personal brand!
  • Stop wasting time and money shopping for the wrong things!

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personalized color swatch

Not in the Cleveland area or prefer a Virtual Option?
Check out our Virtual Color Analysis!

During your Color Analysis Consultation, you will learn your best clothing, hair, and makeup colors with a fabric draping technique called Color Flow Analysis, the most sophisticated and accurate process of color determination.

You will also receive:
  • Your personalized 45 – 50 color, laminated purse size swatch, with an amazing array of colors for you to work with.
  • Your 20-pg. color guide to take home with you (with everything we cover in person from your best hair colors to patterns, contrast and more.
  • A professional makeup application and lesson for a new look

Investment: 2 hours – $225


Look at the difference that the correct colors can make

Our Signature Packages take the guesswork out for you. Start with the foundational package:
Our signature Color and Style Session, and we will guide you from there.

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A personal color analysis is an investment in yourself that every woman should make!

Knowing my best colors has empowered me to shop with a plan instead of a shot in the dark. I now look for my great colors first, and then the great styles. Why buy that cute jacket style if it will make me look pale or sickly? My color fan and guidance from Pat have helped me to understand which colors mix and match for my best contrast and patterns, simplifying shopping and the creation of a work capsule to save me time and frustration. Pat also taught me the best “power” color combinations for negotiations and making presentations, which is helping me be my professional best.

Real Estate Broker

Group Color Analysis

Do you want to have some fun with your friends, discovering which colors suit you and what styles will look best on you? Groups sessions are now available for group color and style consultations which will have you and your friends discovering your best assets. These sessions are perfect for Mother-daughter afternoons, birthday celebrations with your girlfriends or just a great girls’ get together.

You will receive your own color swatch containing 45-50 individual color chips and color guide e-book, discover your body shape, face shape and best style recommendations for your figure.

Pat’s Strongsville studio 4-8 people- $125 each
Minimum 5 people at your location-$150 each

*This investment may be tax deductible for anyone working in the public or for whom presentation skills are important to their position