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Dynamic Diagonals

Of all the design lines seen in accessories and garments above all my favorite is the diagonal. It can create interest and drama in a garment and it you read below you’ll see that it is possibly the most common and most impactful line of

To Keep or Trash

It is a difficult task at times to get rid of something from our wardrobe. We may have spent a lot of money on an item, or we loved it at one time but it just doesn’t seem to flatter us the way it did

What Shoes Do I Wear With This Outfit?

This is an age old question…one that I probably get the most. I hope the information enclosed will assist you in your quest for the perfect footwear…but remember…as I state below…the hottest and cutest shoe can still look “so-so” if it doesn’t speak to your

What is Style?

I think most people have a perception that style is fashion, or being in fashion or on-trend. But style is so much more! I wanted to write about style because I think so many people struggle with this concept. I believe style to be an