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What is Style?

I think most people have a perception that style is fashion, or being in fashion or on-trend. But style is so much more!

I wanted to write about style because I think so many people struggle with this concept. I believe style to be an outward expression of the person you are on the inside-your true self. Our style is directly related to our image. So it is probably important to understand that our image is the way we want to represent ourselves to the world, not just physically: but emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well. When we understand the image we want to portray we can use our personal style to help convey to others the message of who we truly are as well as the person we are striving to become.

So is style about fashion you ask?? Yes…but you may be surprised to hear me say that it is so much more than that. It is the way we put ourselves together… knowing that our ultimate goal when we get ready in the morning is the message we want to send and why. Helping a client discover their personal style is probably one of the most challenging things I do, but it is also the most rewarding. The challenge comes because our style is made up of so many aspects including the physical ones: our looks (which includes our body shape, our hair and face shape, our coloring) and then the emotional aspects such as our goals, talents and the overall image we want to portray. When we find the best colors and styles to portray these aspects we can say we have great style!

So having great style is believing that you are a marvelous creation, unique from anyone else on the planet, and knowing that you can use the visual canvas of your outer image to show others how special you are.

This is an exciting concept that also can sometimes be a little daunting…Which is why I am introducing the Style Muse subscription. I want every woman to know that this discovery process is a journey and its one that you can continually learn and grow with. Whether you are an existing client needing a little reset͟ or refresh͟ or a new client just beginning your journey to discover your best colors and styles/everyone can use a little inspiration-so let me be your Style Muse! Your journey awaits!

Pat Gibson is a certified Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, and owner of The Artistry of You, LLC. To learn more about how Pat can help you achieve your best personal style and image call 440-212-2269 or email, or click here to schedule a complimentary style discovery session!