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Holiday Style for Women over 40

Holiday Style Inspiration for Women Over 40

If you are like most women, we are out there doing the holiday shopping, cooking, wrapping, and planning, etc.,  and oftentimes our own outfits are an afterthought...and we wind up throwing something together at the last minute.  Not this time! Breathe, grab a cup of
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How to Refresh Your Style for Spring 2021

Whenever the sun starts to break through our dreary winter days, I start to think about my spring wardrobe.  Many of you probably feel the same way.  We sense the need for some brighter colors to lift our moods or some pretty nature prints to
how to wear red

How to Wear Red in 2021

Holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas make us think about wearing red.  You may be thinking, “But does red really look good on everyone?”  Or “How do I know if I can even wear red?”  Then there is the recurring question that most of

How to Wear Pantone’s 2021 Color of the Year

Each year my clients ask, “How does Pantone pick the color of the year?” and “How do I wear Pantone’s color of the year?”.  Let’s look.  The Pantone 2021 color of the year is actually two colors:  Illuminating, a bright and warm yellow, and Ultimate

The 2020 Spring/Summer Color Trends & Do They Work for You?

Wearing the fashion “trend colors” is not essential to your professional career.  My training suggests that when choosing a garment or accessory for yourself, you should always choose based on how that item flatters your coloring and style and enhances your visual brand.  Whether that

What is Your Best Color Contrast?

So we already know how important wearing the best colors is….so what is contrast? Simply put, contrast is the difference in intensity between colors. Some of us look good in high contrast (a large difference between colors such as black and bright fuchsia, or light