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How to Wear Red in 2021

Holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas make us think about wearing red.  You may be thinking, “But does red really look good on everyone?”  Or “How do I know if I can even wear red?”  Then there is the recurring question that most of my clients ask even if they already own something red, “How do I wear red so that I look current?”  Let’s look at how to wear red in 2021…


We all have a shade of red that looks good on us

Let me assure you that we all have a shade of red that looks good on us. It may not be the true primary red we think of when we think of a Valentine’s Day heart, but as you will see below, there is a shade of red for you.


Discover your best shade(s) of red

The best way to know the best shades of red for you (or any color for that matter) is with professional color analysis.  This consultation will take all of your stress away when you shop…ok maybe not all of your stress…but certainly the bulk of it.  Shopping is hard enough for us gals, but when you know your best colors you start to shop with color in mind first.  After you find colors that you can rock, then you can look at the second part of the equation, which is the style and how it suits your figure, personal style expression, and lifestyle.  Shopping with your color fan eliminates so much wasted time trying the wrong things on, only to be disappointed when you notice it makes your skin look green, or pale and washed out.  You can learn more about color analysis here. *We offer both virtual and in-person color analysis.

before and after color analysis


Look for shades of red that compliment your skin tone, hair, and eye colors

If you have not had a professional color analysis yet, I hope these tips on how to wear red in 2021 help you to find a shade that makes you look fabulous.  Look below for tips on finding the best shades of red for your unique coloring.  Our “How to Wear Red for 2021” catalog includes a “Finds” section with current shoppable styles and the “Looks” area gives you outfit inspiration and current ways to put your outfits together.

red headed woman

If red is a fabulous color for you most likely you already know it.  When you wear red the compliments flow.  Most likely you have clear and cool coloring or cool and bright or warm and bright coloring.  You rock the traditional tomato red, blue-red, and most forms of vibrant red.  You can wear these red shades anywhere:  as a top, as a dress or bottom, or in lip color.  See the examples below.

How do you wear red in 2021 if the above shades are not the best for you?  You select a shade and intensity that suits your skin tone best.  For instance, if you are warm and clear or can wear warm and bright colors, then you will wear a warmer shade of red such as watermelon red or red-orange in the examples below.

You may also have a warm undertone in your skin but your coloring is too delicate for the bright shades above.  In this case, you should look for shades of red that look rusty or muted and warm such as in the rusty-red blazer below.  You can also choose a print that has a soft look to it and warm tones such as in the floral top.

Finally, there are those of you who have a cool undertone in your skin, but the bright cool tones above are too strong for you.  In this case, you will want to look for pinkish reds such as raspberry sorbet (a trend color for spring shown in the cape below), a soft burgundy, or a tweed or print jacket or top with these colors woven throughout.

To be inspired with even more on-trend and classic outfit ideas see the entire How to Wear Red in 2021 catalog.  Remember, although you may only think of red as a holiday color, it can be worn year-round.  Wear your best shade(s) of red to rock your personal style and showcase your authentic self whenever you want to be seen and feel energized.

how to wear red in 2021

To see these styles and more go to Pat’s online catalog “How to Wear Red in 2021.

Pat Gibson is a certified Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, and owner of The Artistry of You, LLC. To learn more about how Pat can help you achieve your best personal style and image call 440-212-2269 or email , or click here to schedule a complimentary style discovery session!

*I may recieve a small commission on some of the styles in my online catalog. This helps to compensate me for the time it takes to create the blog and catalog for your learning and shopping pleasure. Thank you!