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styles for women over 50

Great Hot Weather Styles for Women Over 50

Hot weather outfit styling can be challenging for women over 50.  Trust me, I know, because I am one!  Not only is the weather a factor, but my internal thermostat seems to be turned up to "maximum heat" as well!  I hope these (4) tips
Holiday Style for Women over 40

Holiday Style Inspiration for Women Over 40

If you are like most women, we are out there doing the holiday shopping, cooking, wrapping, and planning, etc.,  and oftentimes our own outfits are an afterthought...and we wind up throwing something together at the last minute.  Not this time! Breathe, grab a cup of
Woman thinking

What Should I Wear for the New Normal?

The question on everyone’s minds these days seems to be “What should I wear for the new normal?”  Some of us are ready to go out and take on the world and some are still hesitant…and for good reason, to go back to their regular

The 2020 Spring/Summer Color Trends & Do They Work for You?

Wearing the fashion “trend colors” is not essential to your professional career.  My training suggests that when choosing a garment or accessory for yourself, you should always choose based on how that item flatters your coloring and style and enhances your visual brand.  Whether that

7 Steps to Polished Professional Style

It is possible to have a fabulous professional personal style in 7 steps! Learn and grow as you make subtle but powerful changes. Over time you will be amazed by your ability to choose the right garments, accessories, hairstyles, and makeup that create your perfect