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What Should I Wear for the New Normal?

The question on everyone’s minds these days seems to be “What should I wear for the new normal?”  Some of us are ready to go out and take on the world and some are still hesitant…and for good reason, to go back to their regular
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How to Refresh Your Style for Spring 2021

Whenever the sun starts to break through our dreary winter days, I start to think about my spring wardrobe.  Many of you probably feel the same way.  We sense the need for some brighter colors to lift our moods or some pretty nature prints to
how to wear red

How to Wear Red in 2021

Holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas make us think about wearing red.  You may be thinking, “But does red really look good on everyone?”  Or “How do I know if I can even wear red?”  Then there is the recurring question that most of

How to Wear Pantone’s 2021 Color of the Year

Each year my clients ask, “How does Pantone pick the color of the year?” and “How do I wear Pantone’s color of the year?”.  Let’s look.  The Pantone 2021 color of the year is actually two colors:  Illuminating, a bright and warm yellow, and Ultimate
Holiday Style Catalog

Holiday Style Inspiration

As this year comes to a close, most of us are looking for a bit of holiday style inspiration.  Our get-togethers are either canceled or much smaller as we all try to keep safe and healthy, and we are looking for a pinch of sparkle
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How To Pamper Yourself at Home

We are all staying home more with the Pandemic and let’s face it…this year has put a little more stress on all of us!  We need to take care of ourselves both mentally and physically.  One of my clients put it so poignantly when she
Dress to Look Thinner

How to Dress to Look Thinner and Taller

Most of us if we are willing to admit it, would like to dress to look thinner and taller. In fact, did you know that someone who wears the same size as you but is taller will automatically look thinner? This is because the eye
What to Wear for Fall | The Artistry of You

What to Wear for Fall – Biz Leisure

Working from home has created a new way of dressing, Harper’s Bazaar calls it “Biz-leisure.”  The concept, born of quarantine, has us mixing and matching comfortable loungewear with business attire.  The question then becomes, “Will this new style genre stay with us beyond 2020?”  Will

Fight Frumpy and Feel Fabulous – Part II

To counter your COVID feeling of frump, I am offering outfit ideas that will take you from feeling frumpy to feeling fabulous! This is Part II-Slenderizing and Tummy Busting Styling-we will be looking at how we can use the stylist strategies of line and design